The Family Friendly Business Award® is a way to differentiate your company and showcase it as a place where employees are supported. Family Friendly Workplaces attract and retain employees by creating a workplace that cares about their needs and the needs of their families.  Policies that promote work-life balance increase employee productivity and loyalty and have a positive impact on entire communities. The adoption of Family Friendly policies creates value for employees, employers, and the local economy by increasing completion of postsecondary education; raising labor force participation; increasing workforce productivity; and helping businesses attract and retain talent. Family Friendly Workplaces build human capital across generations, to help ensure a prosperous and sustainable Tampa Bay.

Platinum (Distinguished Leader)

Recipients meet at least two family friendly policy in each of the first four categories plus one policy in each of the three Platinum level categories and receive the family friendly business award seal and a certificate of recognition that they can use in their business materials and promotion.

Gold (Committed Leader)

Recipients meet at least one family friendly policy in each of the four categories and receive the family friendly business award seal and a certificate of recognition that they can use in their business materials and promotion.

Silver (Rising Leader)

Recipients meet any three family friendly policies and receive the family friendly business “on the pathway” seal and a certificate of recognition that they can use in their business materials and promotion.

Bronze (On the Pathway)

Recipients meet two or less family friendly policies and receive information and educational materials so they can continue on the path to a more family friendly business.

Award selection is based on the following family friendly policy categories:


  1. Personal leave (school involvement, sick employee, training/professional development, vacation)
  2. Maternity/paternity leave
  3. Family leave (caring for aging parents, children, domestic partner)

CATEGORY TWO: Health Support

  1. Breastfeeding/lactation support (could include a designated area for pumping/breastfeeding)
  2. Healthcare (employer subsidized health or dental insurance)
  3. Wellness programs (such as wellness assessments, screenings, education, health coaching, organized wellness activities, onsite preventative care such as immunizations, interventions such as smoking cessation, incentive and/or paid time off for wellness activities).
  4. Reasonable accommodations for workers who have medical needs arising out of pregnancy (allowing to avoid heavy lifting, stay off ladders)

CATEGORY THREE: Work Schedules

  1. Flexible work scheduling (such as 4 10–hour days or other adjustable scheduling)
  2. Job Sharing (such as two or more part–time employees share one full–time position)
  3. Telecommuting (work from remote location at least some of the time)
  4. Predictable scheduling (providing at least two weeks’ notice of work schedules and/or premium pay for changes in work schedules made with short notice)

CATEGORY FOUR: Economic Support

  1. Higher than average wages in your industry
  2. Employer subsidized training/educational assistance
  3. Retirement/asset building available
  4. Employer subsidized or on-site childcare or dependent care (such as aging parents, or on/near–site childcare)
  5. Employer supported short-term financial stability options (small-dollar lending with repayment available via payroll deductions, access to financial capability training/coaching)


  1. Ensure compliance with the Federal Breastfeeding Law
  2. Ensure compliance with the Florida law: Job-Protected Leave, Domestic Violence and the Workplace


  1. Does your company formally evaluate pay by job classification and gender?
    • Is this information available to employees if they ask?
    • Is this information public? If yes, how is it made available?
  2. Does your company allow or encourage employees to discuss pay with co-workers?
  3. Do your policies ensure compliance with the Florida Pay Equity statute?

CATEGORY SIX (PLATINUM ONLY): Diversity & Inclusion

  1. Do you have policies related to diversity & inclusion for staff and/or board?
    • Do you have goals related to diversity in your hiring process?
    • If you have a board, do you have goals for diversity of members?
  2. Do you have any diversity programs or employee networks for the following: race, gender, age, disability, LGBTQ, veterans, other?
  3. Do you provide training to your employees on diversity & inclusion?


  1. Do you have policies related to supporting employees investing time and/or money in our/their community?
    • Paid time for volunteering (such as community service or community boards)?
    • Employer-matched donations?

We encourage you to apply for the Family Friendly Business Award® and share your best practices with the community and receive recognition for your family friendly policies.

Q: Why should I apply for the Family Friendly Business Award®?

A: Research indicates businesses with family friendly practices enjoy higher employee retention, improved organizational citizenship behavior and better work attitudes. In addition, these companies are generally more profitable.

Q: Will it cost me a lot of money to institute family friendly practices?

A: Several studies have shown that the improved financial performance of a business will make up for any additional costs.

Q: Why else is it important for me to promote family friendly practices?

A. You can help create a positive domino effect: when families are successful, businesses are successful and when businesses are successful, so is the local economy.

Q: When will I learn if I am getting the award?

A: You will receive an email that your application has been received and will be reviewed. If you qualify, you will receive an email with your award seal. If you do not qualify, you will receive an email with information on how to improve your policies for a future application.