Thank you for your interest in the Family Friendly Business Award®. Family friendly workplace policies improve businesses, our workforce and our communities. Below are a few resources that you can look into to provide more family friendly policies in your place of business.


Family Friendly Tampa Bay business toolkits provide research informed guidance on paid leave, health support, work schedules, and economic support, and identify benefits and challenges for both employers and employees, sample policies, and testimonials from businesses that have implemented the policies. Businesses that have family friendly policies are better able to recruit the most qualified employees, improve employee retention, morale, loyalty, and worker productivity (Williams, 2001). These policies provide highly valued flexibility and support to employees striving to meet and balance the demands of family and community life in addition to their job. The toolkits were created to support businesses wanting to implement new policies or enhance existing policies. They provide resources and fact sheets and can serve as planning tools for small business owners, human resource professionals, CEOs and other employees and organizations.